The girl who is great in living life

The joy of this 11-year-old little girl who is familiarly called Ica shows how great she is in living life. Being born as twins does not make it the same as her sibling who grows like an average child. Born prematurely with a birth weight of only 1.5 kilograms, Ica had to receive follow-up treatment for convulsions that kept on coming to her. Due to her parent’s limited conditions Ica was never again brought for further examination, but the love and attention of parents never stopped for Ica.

She was not yet capable of bridging, squatting, standing independently or walking

Ica giving a high five to Apip

At the age of 8.5 years, with the condition of walking with the support of her parents, Ica was registered to study at the Pelangi LombokCare Special School. The biggest motivation to go to school came from Ica herself, who was so eager to learn just like her twin sister who was in 3rd grade at that same time. In addition to going to school, Ica also received physiotherapy services with the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy that she suffered. She was not yet capable of bridging, squatting, standing independently, or walking. She once received a wheelchair from someone but never used it because she was more enthusiastic about walking even though she was only able to use her knees.

Ica is proof that every second that goes by is worth learning, not lamenting.

During almost 2.5 years as a LombokCare child, Ica has always been participating in activities at the Foundation. She understands and carries out the therapist’s and teacher’s instructions well, is able to socialize with her friends and always smiles confidently. This positive attitude has made Ica experience extraordinary development, now she is able to walk without assistance not only 1 or 2 steps but as long as she is able and is heading to the stage of learning to control balance when walking. Ica’s communication is getting better, even though she has some unclear articulations she still tries to convey what she wants which contains extraordinary expectations. This is also inseparable from the role of parents who are always committed to assisting and training not only at the Foundation but also at home. Ica is proof that every second that goes by is worth learning, not lamenting.

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