The orphan with a disability who has to travel for 42 kilometres to get to school and to get physiotherapy twice a week.

Rahman lives with his older brothers and sisters. Rahman is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Athetoid and has been with LombokCare for more than 6 years. Before Rahman entered LombokCare he could not move at all and usually just layed down. Now he can learn to control and maintain a position when sitting and getting up on his own. Also on communication skills Rahman is improving very well.

Being an orphan doesn’t keep Rahman from achieving higher and higher goals.

Rahman is a cheerful and enthusiastic child, he is always strong and never gives up to achieve his dream of becoming a police officer. His enthusiasm is not only during therapy but also at school. For Rahman’s development in class is quite good. Rahman can add tiered additions, memorise multiplications 1 to 3, read syllables, starts spelling, connects hija’iyah letters (arabic), and now Rahman can read level 2 Iqro’. Now rahman is also getting lessons in reading poetry, which adds up to his communication skills.

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More Child Progress Stories

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